BRAIN - Brain-computer interfaces with Rapid Automated Interfaces for Nonexperts

Download BRAIN BCI

The BRAIN BCI includes the tools you need to customise a BCI to each user and an Intuitive Universal Interface that enables control of a range of existing applications.

The BRAIN tools released on January 31st contain:

Signal processing tools for SSVEP and ERD/S BCIs

The signal processing and classification tools are used with the BCI2000 framework.

Please follow this link to download thei BCI tools

Please download the Motor Imagery Based BCI: EEG signal analysis routines and application tools MI BCI

Intuitive Universal Interface (IUI)

The IUI allows BCI control of environmental devices, communication and entertainment utilities.

Please follow this link to download the IUI

BCI Wizard

The BCI Wizard walks the user through a series of tests to determine optimal SSVEP parameters.

Please follow this link to download the Wizard